Merk tímamót voru í sögu flugs á Íslandi þegar því var fagnað við hátíðlega athöfn á Glascow flugvelli, þann12. júlí s.l., að 60 ár eru liðin frá því reglulegt áætlunarflug hófst milli Íslands og annarra landa.  Fyrsta ferðin var til Skotlands með Catalína flugbáti Flugfélags Íslands.  Af því tilefni flutti samgönguráðherra eftirfarandi ávarp:

Minister, ladies and gentlemen!

Icelanders consider it very important to maintain effective transportation and communications between Iceland and outer country’s. Therefor I am extremely happy to be here today, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first Icelandair international flight from Iceland to Scotland.

Sailing gradually broke the barrier of isolation that surrounded Iceland, but– it was a slow means of travel compared with flying. So it was a big day in the history of the Icelandic nation when passenger flights between Iceland and the rest of the world began 60 years ago. And it was no coincidence that the first flight came here to Scotland in the summer of 1945.

The year 1945 was eventful in the history of Icelandic aviation. The Civil Aviation Administration was founded that year. In addition, Iceland made an air traffic agreement with the United States, and commercial flights from Iceland to both the US and Sweden began. These trips were among the first commercial passenger flights that were made after the end of World War II.

There has been a continuous air bridge between Iceland, the United States, and Europe for the past 60 years. Those who have the affairs of companies like Air Iceland, Loftleiðir and, later, Icelandair have always been very ambitious on behalf of Iceland and have believed that their companies belonged in the global market.
Icelandair has taken very seriously their role as a corporate leader in Iceland. Today we celebrate this turning point, when 60 years have passed since the first flight between Iceland and Scotland. We look towards the future, both for Icelandair as a company and Icelandic tourism, which is more powerful than ever before.

Flying fascinates us all and will continue to do so. It is with great pleasure that I bring greetings from Iceland and offer thanks to the pioneers of flight between Iceland and Scotland.

As the Minister of Transport and tourism in Iceland I thank Icelandair and BAA Glasgow for taking the initiative to hold this ceremony. I express my thanks to the DC 3 people, whose participation here today is symbolic for the pioneers. Finally I am deeply honoured to see her today Mr. Magnus Magnusson who’s role in promoting Iceland is invaluable. I offer my congratulations on the occasion and extend my wishes for successful co-operation between Iceland and Scotland for years to come,